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What is the significance of a funeral service?

From the beginning of recorded history, societies have honored those who died with a traditional ceremony. According to beliefs at that time, the purpose of the ritual was to send the deceased on his or her journey into the after life.

Today, however, many experts agree  the benefits of a service are for those who are left behind after a death. A "closure" of sorts must occur to help survivors adjust to their loss and recognize that a death has occurred. A funeral service provides the opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the life that was lived and allow the healing process to begin.

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs vary depending on the funeral home, type of service selected and any merchandise purchased, such as a casket or urn. Please contact us and we'll craft a service that will be a proper tribute to your dearly departed, while still fitting into your budget.

Is everything included in the price given to me by the funeral home?
All charges involving the funeral home's services and merchandise are available from our professional staff up-front. At Walton’s, we always strive to make your experience go as smoothly as possible to prevent any last minute surprises.

I want to make my own funeral arrangements. Is that possible?

Yes. Prearrangement and prepayment of funerals are becoming increasingly more common. Prearranging will provide you with more time to review your options and give you a choice in your own funeral service. Prearrangement will provide you with the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of, relieving your family of the emotional and financial burden that often comes with making arrangements when a loved one passes away. Oftentimes, making arrangements in advance also guarantees a service and funeral at today's prices, free from inflation. At Walton's, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist you with this process. 

How many types of caskets exist, and why are some more expensive than others?

Caskets come in a wide variety of materials and prices vary accordingly. Caskets range from simple pine, to exotic hardwoods and even metals such as bronze.

What is embalming and is it necessary before services are held?

Embalming is the temporary preservation of a deceased's remains. It is not required by law, but is common practice when a viewing is planned.

Can a funeral home assist me with Social Security benefits and Veteran's death benefits?

Yes. Walton's Funeral Home will do more than just assist you with securing these benefits. Our staff is trained to complete all necessary paperwork to begin the benefits process and to follow through to ensure your benefits are secured in a timely manner.

What is involved in the cremation process?

Before cremation occurs, the death certificate must be completed and signed by the attending physician or medical examiner, and all civil and medical authorities must have issued all required permits. In addition, necessary authorizations to cremate must be obtained from the next of kin or authorizing person. The cremation then takes place and the cremated remains are placed in the designated container or urn selected for final disposition.

Are special cremation containers and caskets available?

Walton's offers a wide variety of cremation containers and alternative containers to meet each family's needs.

Are the services held before or after cremation?

Services are held at the discretion of the family. Many choose to have a traditional service first, followed by the cremation.

What happens to the cremated remains?

There are many options to consider with a cremation. A family can choose to bury the remains in a cemetery, store and display them at home in an urn, or scatter them in a place special to the deceased. Walton’s recommends that you check local laws about scattering remains on public property and always obtain permission before placing them on private property.

How can we memorialize cremation?

There are several ways to memorialize a cremation. One option is burial of the urn, marked with a bronze memorial or sculpture. Walton's Family of Funeral Homes offers cremation niches in a columbarium and we also have lovely scattering gardens that provide scenic landscapes for visitors.