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Every Life Has a Story…

Planning a funeral has all the emotions, stress and financial hardship of planning a wedding - compressed in to three days. Losing a loved one is difficult enough, and whatever you can do to make it easier on those you love will be of great help and comfort to them. This is why you might consider planning your own funeral.

  • Preplanning your funeral is an essential part of responsible estate planning. It will save you and your family time, money and unnecessary grief at the time of need.
  • The costs associated with a funeral vary greatly depending upon the choices that are made. By making your arrangements ahead of time, you can spare your loved ones much of the stress and hardship of having to figure out the details.
  • Your wishes will be on record. It’s easier on everyone to make these arrangements when everyone is calm and collected. By properly and completely planning your final wishes, never will your family ask themselves whether they did the right thing, or wondering if this is what you would have wanted.
  • Funeral costs increase 100% every ten years. By planning ahead, you can protect your family against those increases. You can lock in today’s prices and be assured your family will not have to pay any increases in the future for the cost of your funeral. By funding your arrangements today, you can be certain your family will not be burdened with those costs when the time comes.
  • Unfortunately, many veterans are under the impression that the cost of a funeral or cremation is covered by veterans benefits. It's not, and here at Walton’s we're happy to assist you with understanding this facet of the process.
  • Many people harbor the notion that Social Security will pay for a funeral or cremation, but this is not the case. Currently, Social Security pays a one-time death benefit to a surviving spouse of $255. If there is no surviving spouse or minor children, the $255 is not paid.
  • Walton’s is proud to partner with the Great Western Insurance Company, and they exclusively fund our pre-planning arrangements. Your arrangements are safe and secure, backed by the largest pre-planning provider in North America. Great Western has a rating of “A” by the AM Best Company.
  • Walton's and Great Western provide the means for families and friends to address the passing of life with the greatest amount of dignity and the least amount of burden. As a result of what we do, the focus at your hour of need is where it should be ~ with your family and loved ones.

The caring and dedicated staff at Walton’s Funerals and Cremations is here to help. Although these are difficult conversations to have, they are important ones. By making your arrangements ahead of time, your family won’t have to worry about respecting your wishes, for they will already know them.